Reflecting on 2016

It has been a big year. Quite a few things ticked off the list and some nice surprises. Thank you to everyone, too many to mention individually, for making this possible. Some of the highlights were: The exhibition Burambabirra Yindyamarra at Wagga Wagga City Gallery was a great success and many thanks to all concerned, including the Elders, who have been so generous in sharing their culture and their friendship, to Nives for her skills and support, my family, the team at theRead more

Where to see Yindyamarra Yambuwan

This is advance notice that Yindyamarra Yambuwan will have a central place in a major exhibition Burumbabirra Yindyamarra from September 17 2016 at Wagga Wagga City Gallery. It will be shown with  Wiradjuri Language learning resources, such as animations and books, and Elder interviews on subjects such as Wiradjuri Identity, Yindyamarra and the Importance of Language. More information coming soon. Mambuwarra ngaa-mi-nya-gu Looking to see Wudhagarbinya wudha-dhuray-gu Listening to hear Winhangarra gulbali-gu  Learning to understandRead more

Yindyamarra Yambuwan wins NSW Premier’s Multicultural Media Award

Very pleased to announce that last night the film Yindyamarra Yambuwan, a collaboration with the Wiradjuri community, won a NSW Premier’s Multicultural Media Award for Best Creative and Innovative Design. Much thanks to all those who have supported this project formally and informally particularly Dr Uncle Stan Grant, Aunty Flo Grant, Aunty Sandy Warren, Aunty Lorraine Tye, Ray Woods and Letetia Harris. And everyone else from the Wiradjuri community who has shared their culture for the purpose of making this workRead more

MAMA SEE screenings in Albury from October 02

We went down to Albury this week to see how preparations for the Wiradjuri Ngurambanggu exhibition are coming along. While there we had a preview screening for some Elders and will have another screening with Elders on Tuesday. The Wiradjuri language film Yindyamarra Yambuwan will premiere at the exhibition along with 3 new language animations, Useful Words and Phrases Part 1, featuring the voices and animated characters based on Dr Uncle Stan Grant and Aunty Betty Grant. Four animations of songs in WiradjuriRead more

Yindyamarra Yambuwan

The 15 minute film Yindyamarra Yambuwan: A film in Wiradjuri Language is now complete. The name has been changed to give it a clear identity. Drawn from three years of conversations with Wiradjuri Elders, Yindyamarra bala Yambuwan – “Yindyamarra is everything” is the sentiment shared by every Wiradjuri Elder involved. The film is centred on twenty poems in Wiradjuri language, with video from Wiradjuri country, exploring some of the many aspects of Yindyamarra. Yindyamarra is often translated as respect, but actually it describes the whole Wiradjuri way of Life.Read more

Yindyamarra Yambuwan – A film in Wiradjuri Language

The Yindyamarra Yambuwan film is complete and undergoing test screenings within the Wiradjuri Community. If your community would like a test screening contact us via the contact page. The name is now Yindyamarra Yambuwan (Respecting everything). Premiering from Oct 2nd 2015 at MAMA SEE (on the wall outside) and part of the Wiradjuri Ngurambanggu opening at the new Murray Art Museum Albury.Read more