Where to see Yindyamarra Yambuwan

This is advance notice that Yindyamarra Yambuwan will have a central place in a major exhibition Burumbabirra Yindyamarra from September 17 2016 at Wagga Wagga City Gallery. It will be shown with  Wiradjuri Language learning resources, such as animations and books, and Elder interviews on subjects such as Wiradjuri Identity, Yindyamarra and the Importance of Language. More information coming soon.


Yindyamarra Yambuwan promo image web

Mambuwarra ngaa-mi-nya-gu

Looking to see

Wudhagarbinya wudha-dhuray-gu

Listening to hear

Winhangarra gulbali-gu 

Learning to understand



Yindyamarra Yambuwan wins NSW Premier’s Multicultural Media Award

Very pleased to announce that last night the film Yindyamarra Yambuwan, a collaboration with the Wiradjuri community, won a NSW Premier’s Multicultural Media Award for Best Creative and Innovative Design. Much thanks to all those who have supported this project formally and informally particularly Dr Uncle Stan Grant, Aunty Flo Grant, Aunty Sandy Warren, Aunty Lorraine Tye, Ray Woods and Letetia Harris. And everyone else from the Wiradjuri community who has shared their culture for the purpose of making this work and creating something that will become an ongoing resource for the community and hopefully lead to greater understanding of Wiradjuri culture. I would like to thank my wife Nives Zalokar for her personal support and also for her work as a research assistant, photographer and 13709943_1086979948063273_7463621455222387404_ncamera operator on the preliminary projects that made this possible. I would like to thank Deb Evans who has provided good advice and encouragement along the way. I would also like to thank Professor Andrew Vann and CSU for the opportunity to undertake the PhD on this important topic, supporting the nomination of the film for this award, and most of all, seeking to respectfully embrace the concept of Yindyamarra.

It is great to share this award with you all.


Online release of Wiradjuri Animation

We’ve decided to release a sample of the Wiradjuri Words and Phrases vol 1 animations. This is a complete sequence set in a kitchen and focuses on words for everyday objects that would be found in a modern kitchen. It is a good sample of what the other animations on the dvd are like. It features the voices of Dr Uncle Stan Grant and Betty Grant and the animation of Tim Amaro.

Video for IAHA

In Cairns this week videoing for Indigenous Allied Health Australia. Fantastic dynamic Indigenous run organisation supporting Indigenous health students and workers. The promotional videos for IAHA should come up quite nice thanks to all the great people we are interviewing.