Yindyamarra Yambuwan book launch talk by Stephen Kemmis

Guest post from Prof Emeritus Stephen Kemmis from the launch of Yindyamarra Yambuwan at Wagga Wagga City Library. First, I want to pay my respects to the Wiradjuri Elders here present, and to the Wiradjuri people on whose land we meet today. This may be an important occasion for the Wiradjuri people who are here, but it is an even more important occasion for those of us here who are not Wiradjuri people. This launch opens a door for us,Read more

Do we need protecting? I don’t think so.

Guest Post by Dr Uncle Stan Grant Sr AM The NSW Government is proposing language legislation for the protection of Aboriginal Languages in NSW. Undoubtedly the intentions are positive, but there are a number of assumptions in this proposal that need to be thought about carefully. I remember the weight of the word “protection”. It has a long painful history in NSW. I remember the 1950s and 1960s and a number of occasions when I felt humiliated because of the NSWRead more

Online release of Wiradjuri Animation

We’ve decided to release a sample of the Wiradjuri Words and Phrases vol 1 animations. This is a complete sequence set in a kitchen and focuses on words for everyday objects that would be found in a modern kitchen. It is a good sample of what the other animations on the dvd are like. It features the voices of Dr Uncle Stan Grant and Betty Grant and the animation of Tim Amaro.Read more

Video for IAHA

In Cairns this week videoing for Indigenous Allied Health Australia. Fantastic dynamic Indigenous run organisation supporting Indigenous health students and workers. The promotional videos for IAHA should come up quite nice thanks to all the great people we are interviewing.Read more

Wiradjuri language videos

Late in 2013 we were also asked to manage the process of recording Doctor Uncle Stan Grant in conversation with Shane Atkinson covering the first book of Learning Wiradjuri. These sessions were recorded in the studio at Charles Sturt University. They are already being used as resources in the first run of the new Graduate Certificate in Wiradjuri Language and Culture from CSU. These videos are powerful aids for learning as the multiple camera views and closeups make it muchRead more