MAMA SEE screenings in Albury from October 02

We went down to Albury this week to see how preparations for the Wiradjuri Ngurambanggu exhibition are coming along. While there we had a preview screening for some Elders and will have another screening with Elders on Tuesday. The Wiradjuri language film Yindyamarra Yambuwan will premiere at the exhibition along with 3 new language animations, Useful Words and Phrases Part 1, featuring the voices and animated characters based on Dr Uncle Stan Grant and Aunty Betty Grant. Four animations of songs in WiradjuriRead more

A series of stills from the forthcoming Wiradjuri language animations

The new Wiradjuri Words and Phrases animations are close to complete, just putting in the finishing touches they and will be available from early October. There are three animations one set in the kitchen, one set outside a cafe, and one on a walk by the river. The animations are set in a contemporary world and cartoon characters based on Uncle Stan and Aunty Betty Grant, and their voices. Created by Bernard Sullivan and Tim Amaro.Read more

Words and Phrases animations coming soon

Bernard and Tim Amaro are continuing their successful collaboration with three more animations well underway based on the first volume of Dr Uncle Stan Grant’s useful words and phrases. The three animations are set in a unique contemporary world and feature the voices of Uncle Stan and Aunty Betty and their images as cartoon style characters developed by Tim and Bernard to be hosts of these fun and useful Wiradjuri language learning adventures.Read more

New DVD of Wiradjuri animations volume 1

A DVD of the first four animations is now available.  $25 each, discounts for orders of 10 or more. Contact us via the contact page for more information and wholesale discounts. This DVD has been prepared to make these four animations more available, cover production costs, and to generate funding to create more animations in the near future. This is a fantastic resource for language teachers and for anyone, young or old, wishing to start learning the Wiradjuri language. Based around four songsRead more

New animations underway

There are two new animations underway. We are obviously working towards a series. This series will also have accompanying explanations with them from Uncle Stan Grant. Bernard is working on Uncle Stan’s Brolga song, which will be a precursor to the animations for the PhD, and Tim Amaro is bringing his characters back for another appearance in Yamandhu Marang.Read more

Balang ganha bungangbu burrami

This new animation was created by Tim Amaro as a 3rd year Charles Sturt University animation student, as a community project, as part of our research, and as a Sharing and Learning Production. We’re all very happy with this. See full end credits at the end of the video.Read more

Gulambali wibiyanha galingga

The second Wiradjuri Language animation is now live on Youtube. This is also an animation by Pam Readford from another Dr Uncle Stan Grant song. See under animation on Youtube for further credits. We are playing the role of producer for this one.Read more

minyang nginha

Sharing and Learning has been recently been involved in the development of a number of Wiradjuri Language learning resources including language pronunciation videos with Uncle Stan Grant and animations of Wiradjuri language songs. A number of these projects are coming to fruition. This animation below, animated by Pam Readford, is one of the first animations to be complete. A lot of thought went into making the animation a genuine learning tool. The more you watch it the more it growsRead more

Wiradjuri language animations

Sharing and Learning is currently involved in producing 4 language learning animations, based on songs by Uncle Stan Grant and John Rudder. The first two by Pam Readford are nearing completion. CSU student Tim Amaro is working on another that is well into production. A fourth animation should be ready by mid year. There is much excitement about the potential for using these animations for support in teaching Wiradjuri language, not to mention the catchy songs.Read more