airport slideshow

Aunty Sandy Warren (b1942, Wiradjuri), Aunty Joyce Hampton (b1933, Ngiyampaa), Aunty Lorraine Tye (b1950, Wiradjuri), and Jonathan Jones (b1978, Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi), Wagga Wagga weaving welcome 2013; stained sandblasted glass: Wiradjuri welcome by Uncle Stan Grant; installation view Wagga Wagga Regional Airport, Wagga Wagga; commissioned by Wagga Wagga City Council; photograph Bernard Sullivan and Nives Zalokar; courtesy the artists   Read more

Wagga Airport Weaving Welcome

Last year we were privileged to be invited to be part of the Wagga Wagga weaving welcome 2013, airport art project which has resulted in impressive stained sand blasted glass created from the weavings of local Indigenous artists by Wiradjuri elders, Aunty Sandy Warren and Aunty Lorraine Tye, and Ngiyampaa elder Aunty Joyce Hampton, together with Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi artist Jonathan Jones. Sharing and Learning was responsible for taking photos of the artists’ weavings that were used on the glass, creating portfoliosRead more