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About us

Sharing and Learning works creatively, collaboratively and respectfully with Indigenous custodians and nations, providing a service for gathering, recording and ethical distribution of cultural knowledge.

Sharing and Learning is a production company involved in creating documentary, animation, audio, video and written resources that support the revitalisation of Indigenous languages, cultures and identity.

Bernard Sullivan is a postdoctoral research fellow at Charles Sturt University connected with the revitalisation of Indigenous culture and language. He has a background in graphic design, filmmaking, animation, and course development. His PhD was on the question How may Cultural wisdom be understood and shared? working closely with Wiradjuri and Ngiyampaa Elders through an evolving system of Elder led collaborative creative partnerships.

Nives Zalokar is a painter, weaver and photographer originally from Slovenia where she worked for 20 years as an exhibition organiser in the National Gallery of Modern Art. Nives has been heavily involved in many of the Sharing and Learning projects.

Our projects evolve in responsive collaborative partnerships with Elders working on areas of their concern for their community.

Tim Amaro and Pam Readford are freelance animators who have been involved in many animations with us.

Other artists and technicians are contracted from time to time for our projects.

We look for strategies and opportunities to share creative skills, and the resources we create together, so that the skills and knowledge we develop and the projects we create are sustainably available within the community involved into the future.

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