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Sharing and Learning has been recently been involved in the development of a number of Wiradjuri Language learning resources including language pronunciation videos with Uncle Stan Grant and animations of Wiradjuri language songs. A number of these projects are coming to fruition. This animation below, animated by Pam Readford, is one of the first animations to be complete. A lot of thought went into making the animation a genuine learning tool. The more you watch it the more it grows on you.

airport slideshow

Aunty Sandy Warren (b1942, Wiradjuri), Aunty Joyce Hampton (b1933, Ngiyampaa), Aunty Lorraine Tye (b1950, Wiradjuri), and Jonathan Jones (b1978, Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi), Wagga Wagga weaving welcome 2013; stained sandblasted glass: Wiradjuri welcome by Uncle Stan Grant; installation view Wagga Wagga Regional Airport, Wagga Wagga; commissioned by Wagga Wagga City Council; photograph Bernard Sullivan and Nives Zalokar; courtesy the artists 


Wiradjuri language animations

Sharing and Learning is currently involved in producing 4 language learning animations, based on songs by Uncle Stan Grant and John Rudder. The first two by Pam Readford are nearing completion. CSU student Tim Amaro is working on another that is well into production. A fourth animation should be ready by mid year. There is much excitement about the potential for using these animations for support in teaching Wiradjuri language, not to mention the catchy songs.

Wiradjuri language videos

Late in 2013 we were also asked to manage the process of recording Doctor Uncle Stan Grant in conversation with Shane Atkinson covering the first book of Learning Wiradjuri. These sessions were recorded in the studio at Charles Sturt University. They are already being used as resources in the first run of the new Graduate Certificate in Wiradjuri Language and Culture from CSU. These videos are powerful aids for learning as the multiple camera views and closeups make it much easier to see and hear how to pronounce Wiradjuri. For now the only way to see these resources is to enrol in the new course! We will add a sampler video here when it becomes available.

Wagga Airport Weaving Welcome

Last year we were privileged to be invited to be part of the Wagga Wagga weaving welcome 2013, airport art project which has resulted in impressive stained sand blasted glass created from the weavings of local Indigenous artists by Wiradjuri elders, Aunty Sandy Warren and Aunty Lorraine Tye, and Ngiyampaa elder Aunty Joyce Hampton, together with Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi artist Jonathan Jones.


Sharing and Learning was responsible for taking photos of the artists’ weavings that were used on the glass, creating portfolios of these works and documenting both the process and  spectacular finished project.


We were also involved in working alongside a number of trainee documentary makers to create a series of short documentaries on the project.

about weaving 140212 from Sharing and Learning on Vimeo.

collaboration 140212 from Sharing and Learning on Vimeo.

cultural significance 140212 from Sharing and Learning on Vimeo.

The project is also notable for its sand blasted inclusion of a Welcome to Wagga in Wiradjuri by Uncle Stan Grant.

It was interesting photographing these objects, as they changed colours throughout the day, appearing clear in bright light and glowing with different colours at sunrise and sunset. The technical challenges were primarily from managing reflections and backlighting.


The project  was a good learning process for us, as we seek to work in partnership to support the presentation of powerful indigenous stories.

Creativity, Respect, Collaboration


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